Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Completed Pieces

Thought I would post a few more of my completed pieces. This piece is the first project I ever completed (about 16 years ago). I recently had it re-framed and it hangs in the upstairs hallway. Sorry I don't have any info on this one.

Here's another older project that also hangs in our upstairs hallway. I like the beading on this - it add some elegance to the simplicity of the piece. I think this was the first project I finished after we were married (5/14/99). I loved stitching my new initials CLS instead of CLR.

These two are very recognizable - Lizzie Kate. She does the cutest patterns. I did one for my sweet Banditt (our dalmation that passed away 3 years ago) and the other for my Smokie. In case you're a little slow, yes, our pets are Smokie and the Banditt :-) No, I have never seen the movie. Our dog came with his name and our cat is gray - it just made sense :-) For a short while, we had a black cat - my husband thought I should name it Bear - I guess that's in the movie too? These hang in "The Yellow Room" which is one of our guest rooms. It's too yellow for me - my plans are to stripe it with white to tone it down.

Woof Flip-It
Recommended fabric, thread, & frame

Meow Flip-It
Recommended fabric, thread, & frame

Tomorrow is the end of my work week - hooray! I am so excited about having a 3-day weekend. Lots and lots of cross stitch in my future!



Anonymous said...

Hi Cari - the blog is looking good so keep on blogging. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your time off. Love Aunt Darling

Andrea said...

Hi Cari,

thanks for visiting my blog :-)
I was surprised to see an oldie you posted that I've stitched too! The Amish piece (Rejoice in the Lord) is one I did back in the 90's and then gave away! I found the magazine it was in years later and have it in my stitching closet somewhere....always loved that one!

cute blog!