Friday, July 3, 2009

God Bless the U.S.A

So what are your plans for this 4th of July?

We don't have any 'set' plans. We will probably grill out, watch the fireworks, and just enjoy our free time.

Today we traveled to Roanoke and had dinner at Abuelo. If you haven't been, it's a wonderful 'upscale' Mexican restaurant chain. Abuelo's is to Mexican food what P. F. Chang's is to Chinese. After dinner we went to see "Up". If you haven't seen it and didn't plan to because you thought it was a 'kids movie', I challenge you to rethink and give this movie a try - it is truly a delightful film. We saw "Up" at an old, restored theatre called The Grandin - it was our first visit. It's a charming renovated theater - so much character. The best part, this is the first movie we have sat thru in years that we were not distracted by a single cell phone ringing or worse, people texting and the distraction of their bright shiny screens glowing in the dark. Does this drive anyone else crazy? I can't wait to go back to this theater.

As many of you know, I returned to work. Yesterday was the end of my 3rd week and I received my 1st paycheck. The auto deposit had not been processed, so I received a live check. I felt all grown up, going to the bank and depositing my paycheck - it was a great feeling! So, after completing 3 weeks of work, I thought I deserved a 'treat'. My purchase was a ..... digital camera. Don't get too excited, it's an inexpensive, simple thing that will do the job of providing pics for my blog. I am still very attached to my NIKON 35mm!

I received my NPI Silk Threads this week and my fibers for Mary Wigham - all on sale! I also purchased LHN newest design "Love One Another" (also on sale). I love this pattern and plan to make a few for Christmas gifts.

I have two new starts.
Mary Wigham (finally)

The Fruit of the Spirit
Suggested Fabric & Thread

I hope your 4th of July is full of happy moments with family and friends.


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