Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Recent Acquisitions

I started watching HOUSE two weeks ago – from the beginning. Our local library has them all on dvd. I am almost done with Season 1 and am really enjoying the show – I think I have hooked my husband as well (heehee).

I received some new charts this past week – well new to me.

This one is from Nicole’s blog “Miss Lila’s House”. I just love this pattern! I decided to stitch it on black and ordered the fabric last week. I plan to stitch it over one.

My big purchase was from Katrina:

Included are:

A Most Noble Pursuit – love this!

Drawn Thread

Spot of Spring
Wayward Garden

Heart In Hand
Hearts Sampler
Valentine Bird

Hillside Sampling
Seasonal Sampling

La D Da
Polly Wolly (fun pattern)

Happy Bunny Bunny Day

No stitching this evening, I just walked in the door - it has been a long day.

Enjoy your evening.



Kim said...

Cari---great stash!!! I love Miss Lila's House...you are SO brave! On black is enough of a strain, but over ONE on black!? You are my hero!!! :o)) Have fun in VA and I hope you find some FABULOUS thrify treasure!!! Keep me posted! :o)

Katrina said...

Enjoy your new stash! I am so glad it found a good home :-).