Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Weed Eater, Our Foyer, The Lord's Prayer

Good Morning!
I have to share my story from last nite. Our church is preparing for VBS to begin on Monday, July 20th. The theme this year is "Son" Rock Camp. Several ladies gathered at church last nite to decorate the church accordingly. My friend, Alethea (who is an amazing artist), is in charge and she directed us less artistic types into creating amazing scenery. We also decorated the sanctuary balcony - we erected a huge tent and surrounded it with fake trees and other greenery. It looks great - sorry, I didn't think to take pictures. Well we didn't have enough trees so (since I live closest to church) I ran home and pulled several Christmas trees out of the garage. I parked my car in the street, pulled my husband's truck into our driveway, and began loading the trees. In the meantime, my husband finished mowing the lawn, watched me struggling to haul the trees down the stairs and into the truck bed (note, he did not offer to help - but I am sure he was exhausted as mowing the lawn - on a riding mower - can be very tiring!) and then went about finishing whatever he was doing. I hop in the truck and take off only to hear a crunch - I see my husband in the rear view mirror so I don't panic - he on the other hand storms over - yells "back up" and lifts his weed eater out from under the truck - looks at it - and then flings it across the yard. The big question is why would he lay the weed eater in the driveway, in front of the truck that I am loading up to take back to the church???? He still hasn't answered me on that one. He just counters with "you should look where you are driving it could have been a person". What kind of rationale is that, who is going to lay down in our driveway in front of our truck? I think he just wanted a new weed eater.
Below is a picture of our foyer (our house was built in 1895). I took this picture at such an angle that if you look in the fireplace mirror, you can actually see the fireplace in our living room (trust me it was not the act of a great photographer, just purely an accident). To the left of the fireplace is "The Lord's Prayer" by Stoney Creek - a closeup is below.
Walking in the front door and seeing this amazing stairwell and all the gorgeous woodwork and architectural detail is why I fell in love with this house 10 years ago. Wow, it's hard to believe that in November, we will have been in our house for 10 years. Trying to get our furniture up this staircase was so much fun -it's narrow and turns three times!

I finished this piece a couple years ago. It's the biggest piece I have ever done.

The Lord's Prayer
Stoney Creek
Recommended Fabric and Thread

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Jan said...

Cari, your home is so beautiful! I would love to see some more photos of the other rooms!! I can see why you loved it ten years ago and still do!

Sorry to hear about your hubby's weedeater accident and I love your Stoney Creek finish! Just gorgeous!

Just found your blog, I will be returning soon! I have you in my favorites, so I won't miss anything! (^-^)

Susimac said...

I love the pics of your entrance hallway will you treat us to some others of other rooms, your home is beautiful I can see why you fell in love with it.

Your Lords prayer is gorgeous.

Sorry about hubbys weedeater accident.