Monday, July 27, 2009

Stash Additions

Happy Monday to everyone!

It was a wonderful relaxing weekend. Saturday we went swimming with some friends. I was playing with their little two-year-old in the pool and she grabbed my swimsuit top and said "what's down there?". As I am not a mom, I was completely unprepared for such a question (my first thought was 'not much' but somehow I just knew that was not the appropriate answer) and tried to divert her with the water ball - thankfully it worked :-)

I received some great patterns this week. These two are from Tanya's stash reduction and the third is one I purchased from ebay. Someone suggested starting a SAL for A Sweeter Love, but I can't recall who it was (does anyone else know who it is?). Anyhow, now that I have the chart, I just need material and I will be ready to sign up!

Star Light, Star Bright ~ Little by Little
A Sweeter Love ~ Plum Street Sampler
Scare Crow Wabbit - Sheepish Designs

My Heart's Garden
Shepherd's Bush

This little beauty is from Jolene - I won the mystery prize in her drawing last week. I was so excited to open my mailbox and find this on Saturday! I just wanted to sit down and start stitching it immediately - it is so sweet. Thanks Jolene!

I worked diligently on "Boo" all weekend and only have the border left to do - I'll post pictures soon.



JOLENE said...

Hi Cari,

So glad your package arrived safely; I love getting "presents" in the mail, especially if it has to do with needle and thread! LOL! Can't wait to see photos of "Boo". Great stash additions.

Ranae said...

Super nice stash!
Congrats on the win too.