Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boo Club: Almost Finished

Good Morning! We had a "girl's nite" last nite to celebrate my birthday. Everyone was so busy last week with VBS, we decided to postpone it 'til this week. We went to a fancy little restaurant downtown and had amazing desserts and coffee. It was a great evening spent with great friends!

As you can see from the pictures below, I am almost finished with this project. I only have the border left to complete. Sadly, I have run out of the black (Mascara) so I will probably take a break this week and work on a 'me' project and then come back to this.

Well, I need to place an order with Theresa for thread and then get back to unpacking all these boxes in the office.

Enjoy your day!



Ranae said...

Happy belated Birthday!
Boo is looking super nice
Good Luck on the border, it's well worth it

Snip said...

Can't wait to see your finish on this project. It looks great! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

Paulette said...

Happy belated birthday! Your evening out sounds fantastic!!