Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Framed Piece and WIP

I am so excited to have a three-day weekend! My plan is to finish all my homework today so that I can spend my three days just relaxing!

Here is another framed piece I finally received back from LNS - she still has one more (all of which I took to her in June). I am going to check out a couple of not so LNS (both an hour away) and see if either do framing. She does a wonderful job, but I just think two months is too long to wait for my framing - don't you? I would rather drive an hour and get it back in 2-3 weeks.

I am so pleased with this piece - this is one of my favorite frames.

When My Heart Blooms
Blackbird Designs
Recommended Fiber and Fabric

And finally, here is my newest project The Learning Girl Sampler, she is so pretty - this picture does not do her justice. I plan to spend lots of time with her this weekend. I am also working my way thru the 'Bewitched' series, I'm on Season Two. I can just hear Gladys now in her whiny tone "Aaabner" and Darrin in his very stern voice "Samantha". When I am in trouble with my husband he uses my first and middle name, which is my qeue to make myself scarce :-)

Enjoy your day - it's beautiful here in Virginia, we are having a cool spell this week, mid-70's, which is a nice break from the heat and humidity.



Ranae said...

Such a pretty piece framed so nicely, it is one of my favorites to, heck all of them are, lol.
Nice start on the Learning Girl Sampler
Have a stitchy filled weekend

Margaret said...

Both are nice -- love the frame! That Learning Girl Sampler is really pretty!

Siobhan said...

Beautiful! I love the frame that you chose. I need to get mine framed still. I love your start on the Learning Girl Sampler!

JOLENE said...

Cari, What a gorgeous sampler you are stitching, love it. Are you changing any colors in it? It is so fun seeing everyone's projects; your Blackird Designs piece turned out perfect!!

Cari said...

No changes, I am using the colors listed. My plan was to use NPI but most of the colors were so different that I only used 2-3 NPI and the rest are DMC. It has some specialty stitches in it - which are a fun change from x's.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

This is one of my all time favorite BBD patterns and yours is gorgeous! I also love the Learning Girl sampler. It's looking awesome and the colors are wonderful. It's a good thing when one recognizes when she should make herself scarce!

grace said...

The frame suits the piece really well! Very, very beautiful~
Wow~ the 70s sounds like music to my ears! It's been in the high 90s to 100s here and if it wasn't for the ac, I wouldn't be able to survive!

Anonymous said...

Your Blackbird piece is gorgeous! Love the frame!


Andrea said...

Oh gosh, your framed BBD is gorgeous, love it, the frame is perfect for it!
I'd say that's a long time to wait for your framing....but it is really hard to find someone that does a good least around me it is. Maybe you can find someone else that does just as well though. Good luck!
Your progress on the Learning Girl sampler is beautiful!