Monday, August 17, 2009

Pumpkins, Chocolate Covered Cherries, and a WIP

Happy Monday!

It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend. I saw a couple of movies - "Public Enemy", with my husband, it was good and of course, Johnny Depp was fantastic. I also saw "Julie and Julia" with my girlfriend - also very good! After reading Debbie's comments, I really want to read the book. I just love to cook and really enjoy trying new recipes so the premise of the movie was really fun to me - working my way thru a cookbook. Though, I admit, I would not be brave enough to bone a duck or cook a calf's leg (gross!) I would love to know what Julie's life is like now that a book and a movie have been written about her.

I have been watching old tv series - our library has a wonderful selection. I started with the "Gilmore Girls" and am on the last season - I wish I was as funny as Lorelei. This week I picked up "Bewitched" - Season 1. It has been so fun to watch these, even my husband has enjoyed them. It would be great to twitch my little nose and have all the housework done so that I could just enjoy cross stitching :-)

Sorry this first picture is fuzzy. I finished this fun, little project earlier in the year. It is one of many that I am going to send to Deb for finishing. I continue to see pictures of her work and read wonderful comments so, I decided I would send some of my finishes to her as well. I have a drawer full of completed projects that need to be framed or finished in some fashion.

This little project was so much fun! It's a free chart by Casey - the picture does not do it justice. The pattern calls for little pink x's in the background which I substituted with pretty, little pink beads. Deb, this one is coming your way as well.
Chocolate Covered Cherries
Casey Buonaugurio
Recommended Fabric and Threads

This is the project that has been occupying my time as I await (impatiently) for my fabric and threads to arrive so that I can begin "Girl's Learning Sampler". I will probably turn this one into a pillow. It's been a quick stitch and I may have to find another little one to do while I wait. If anyone would like this "Moonstruck Cat" pattern, I will be happy to pass it along.

Moonstruck Cat
Anne Stanton
Suggested Thread and 28-ct white unknown linen



Stitch Wizard said...

Your stitching is so pretty here and those chocolate cherries look delicious!! How lovely!! Debby

Gladys Creativa said...


I've discovered your blog and is fantastic, congratulations for your proyectos.

Regards from Spain!

Ranae said...

Fantastic finishes and the cat is looking sweet.
I have heard Deb's finishing is awesome.
Someone told me I should go see that movue, becuase I love to cook and it makes you really want to cook,lol.

Jane said...

Hi Cari! These are all gorgeous projects and good luck with the finishing of them. Like you, I love to stitch things up, but when it comes to the finishing, I'm not so confident. I'm sure Deb will work wonders.

I also like to stick to one project at a time (which you've noticed) to make things simpler for me. It's less confusing going from different fabric, threads, etc., all the time. So what you see as disciplined, I see as keeping my sanity. :) Maybe if I had more time to devote to my stitching, and not so much working, I'd probably have a few on the go at once. I also fear that if I put a project down, I may not pick it up again for a while. We've all got to do what works I guess.

BTW, I have most of the Bewitched series on DVD. I love this show!

Michelle said...

Lovely finishes! I just love that Casey piece. I've been wanting to stitch that one forever!!! You've inspired me to dig it out!