Monday, August 24, 2009

The bell has rung and school is now in session

Well, August 24th has arrived. For me, today is the beginning of Fall Semester. I am taking 4 classes over the next 16 weeks. While I am anxious to finish my degree, it really cuts into my stitching time :-) (a girl has to have her priorities).

One of my friends called and said she needed a break from her husband and kids and so we decided to have a girl's weekend. We opted for DC since she had not been there in 15 years. Our first stop was to see Julia Child's Kitchen as we had just seen the movie the week before. We walked by the White House, Ford's Theater, and several other buildings. It was lots of fun!

I have been waiting and waiting for my NPI Silk to arrive so I can start my new project. In the interim, I have finished two fun little projects Moonstruck Cat and Victorian Lace.

If I had the opportunity to restitch Victorian Lace, I would use pink beads in lieu of the light pink. If anyone is interested in this little pattern, please email and I will be happy to pass it on - it's in a magazine which is full of other patterns.

Victoria Lace
Unknown white fabric and DMC thread

I started another small project last nite, Spot of Spring by Drawn Thread. I really like this pattern and it should be a quick stitch.

Spot of Spring
Drawn Thread
Recommended Fabric and Fiber

I am hoping that my silk will arrive today as I can't wait to start on The Girl's Learning Sampler.

Enjoy your day.



Margaret said...

Very pretty designs! Hope your new school year goes well. Bummer about your husband's toe, but it sounds like you had a great time with your friend. I'd love to go see Julia Child's kitchen. I just read her book My Life in France, but haven't seen the movie or read the other book by Julie yet.

Siobhan said...

Lovely WIPs! Sorry to hear about your husband's toe. I hope it heals quickly. I bet DC was loads of fun. I love it there.

JOLENE said...

Girl vacations are the BEST!!! Sorry to hear about your hubby's toe, was he upset he couldn't go touring with you? I would love the magazine you are offering if you haven't already reserved it for someone else. Hope your new fall semester goes quickly so you can get more stitching time in.