Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Latest Projects

Here's a picture of Elizabeth Savilles not much change from the last picture. I hope to make some progress on her this week.
The missing fiber finally arrived....
My other big project these days involves these...The other five books are in my desk at my office - for those that are counting, that is ELEVEN books. Three of my classes are only 8 weeks long and the other three are the full 16 weeks. Doesn't leave much time for stitching, or sleeping, or eating.

Well, Virginia was hit with a second snow storm this weekend. It began Friday evening and it snowed thru Saturday, totally 15+ inches. I woke up on Saturday and went out on the porch to survey the vast amount of white stuff and found this cute little trail of footprints spanning the length of our porch

Here's a view off our deck Saturday morning. The snow was so deep, I could only open the door a small fraction.

As if the snow was not enough excitement, I walked out of the kitchen and there were these cool blue lights in the sky. I open the door and this blue 'light' was racing up and down the power lines - it was quite spectacular. Then the lines started shooting sparks, then flames raced down the line and all went black. Yep, it was 16 degrees here and we lost power, 5.5 hours later it was restored. What to do in the dark - then I saw the little blue power light on my laptop and realized it was charged. So, I pulled out all my charts, yep, ALL of them. I created an Excel spreadsheet with a list of all my cross stitch charts, magazines fibers, fabric, . beads, etc. I also made a list of fabrics & fibers I need to kit up a few wonderful charts I found in my stash. I feel so organized.

This picture just doesn't do the light show justice - but you get the idea.

Lastly, I finished my January ornament just in the nick of time. I actually did two of the same. The first is stitched using one thread and the second using two threads.

PS Winter
2006 Christmas Ornaments Magazine

Well, since we are all snowed in and my homework is complete, I am going to spend my afternoon stitching.

Have a great week!


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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update on Liz

I've been spending my evenings with Liz and enjoying every stitch. I am still missing one skein - which I ordered Italicand was told that it was in the mail ELEVEN days ago. Now, I know the mail is slow but really 11 days? I have emailed asking for confirmation that it was mailed and 3 emails later, no reply from the store owner - very frustrating! Back to Liz, she is a beautiful sampler and I do understand why some people have been frustrated with her. The chart is very interesting and I would love to understand why there are so many missing pieces. Nonetheless, I prefer symmetry and am fixing the errors as I find them. I am on Page 6 of 12 - it's a fast stitch (especially when you are missing a fiber, but I digress). Forgive the wrinkles - I just didn't want to climb the stairs to the iron.

Smokie and Liz

Elizabeth Savilles
Vintage Light Examplar
OWS Thread

Speaking of stairs, I had a great report from the doc. My knee is healing wonderfully. The x-rays show just a small space between the bones so I'm not 100%. I begin physical therapy on Monday - 2-3 days a week for SIX weeks. I have started exercising my knee and when I'm at home, I take the brace off. The thought of not having my brace to protect my knee in case it gives out is a bit scary - a thought I shared with my friends. One of which showed up that night with a 'gift' - a cane. Not a cool looking cane but an ugly, old lady industrial silver cane w/a black rubber handle - gotta love of my friends.

It's going to be a quiet weekend - I took 3 tests today and completed a discussion board assignment. I have three additional classes that begin on Monday. So my schedule will really be busy beginning next week. I'm going to spend some more time with Liz and begin my 1st ornament for 2010 and doing some cooking.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of stitching time.


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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Finish and Introducing Ms. Savilles

Be Ye To Others is complete! I just love this piece and all the specialty stitches really made this a joy to stitch. If you decided to stitch this, take note that there are a couple of discrepancies between the colors in the picture and the colors charted.

Be Ye To Others
Hillside Samplings
Norway Cream & mixture of DMC & Silk

I struggled with what to start next and made a few false starts before choosing Elizabeth Savilles – this is another lovely sampler. It calls for OWS threads and they are wonderful to stitch with. I am missing one color which Theresa graciously mailed to me this week (thanks T) – I am hoping it will arrive Monday.

Elizabeth Savilles
Finger Work
Vintage Light Examplar
Recommended Threads

The leg brace and I are still one – I return to the doc on Wednesday and am praying that the x-rays will show that my knee has healed and I can begin physical therapy and become more mobile. Let me tell you, five weeks of sitting on my tush is a long time, which can clearly be seen by it’s expansion!

Three of my classes begin on Monday and then additional classes will begin the following Monday – it is going to be a busy semester for me. But, it will all be worth it when I receive my diploma in May.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your weekend is full of stitching.


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