Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Latest Projects

Here's a picture of Elizabeth Savilles not much change from the last picture. I hope to make some progress on her this week.
The missing fiber finally arrived....
My other big project these days involves these...The other five books are in my desk at my office - for those that are counting, that is ELEVEN books. Three of my classes are only 8 weeks long and the other three are the full 16 weeks. Doesn't leave much time for stitching, or sleeping, or eating.

Well, Virginia was hit with a second snow storm this weekend. It began Friday evening and it snowed thru Saturday, totally 15+ inches. I woke up on Saturday and went out on the porch to survey the vast amount of white stuff and found this cute little trail of footprints spanning the length of our porch

Here's a view off our deck Saturday morning. The snow was so deep, I could only open the door a small fraction.

As if the snow was not enough excitement, I walked out of the kitchen and there were these cool blue lights in the sky. I open the door and this blue 'light' was racing up and down the power lines - it was quite spectacular. Then the lines started shooting sparks, then flames raced down the line and all went black. Yep, it was 16 degrees here and we lost power, 5.5 hours later it was restored. What to do in the dark - then I saw the little blue power light on my laptop and realized it was charged. So, I pulled out all my charts, yep, ALL of them. I created an Excel spreadsheet with a list of all my cross stitch charts, magazines fibers, fabric, . beads, etc. I also made a list of fabrics & fibers I need to kit up a few wonderful charts I found in my stash. I feel so organized.

This picture just doesn't do the light show justice - but you get the idea.

Lastly, I finished my January ornament just in the nick of time. I actually did two of the same. The first is stitched using one thread and the second using two threads.

PS Winter
2006 Christmas Ornaments Magazine

Well, since we are all snowed in and my homework is complete, I am going to spend my afternoon stitching.

Have a great week!


Listened to these past two weeks: Visions in White by Nora Roberts, A Child's Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas, Three books by Geronimo Stilton (don't laugh they were cute), The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck, The Call of the Wild by Jack London.
Currently listening to: Illusions by Jill Gregory
Recent movies: Avatar, 11:14, The Survivors, I Capture the Castle, You Can't Take It With You


Melissa said...

Old Man Winter is still visiting your parts! Well, you made great use of your time, Ms Organized!

Yesterday I showed my friend my 'progress' or where I stopped with Elizabeth. She told me I shouldn't quit so who knows? Yours is looking great. I love PS Winter too - how appropriate!

Have a good week, Cari!

Deb said...

Wow, I can't believe all that snow you got! I seriously think that winter has decided to lands it's old self in the southern states and leave Michigan alone. We've barely had any!

And Lizzy is looking wonderful! I've heard that it's not the most exciting stitch in the world, but oh my goodness, does it look good! I'm glad that you're finishing it. It's going to be a stunner.

And Love your PS Winter Ornament too. That's a cute one. I keep telling myself that I'm going to stitch an ornament a month - but it never happens!

Hope you stay safe and warm. Those power line fireworks must have been pretty, but a little scary too! Glad that you got your power back up in a relatively short period of time and YGG on working on your stash list while all that was going on. Talk about efficient use of time!!!

How did you like Avatar. We saw it last week and thought it was great!!

Margaret said...

I can't believe how much snow you're getting this winter! Wow! I love your Elizabeth -- glad that missing fiber finally showed up too! That winter piece is one of my favorites too. You're always stitching things I like! Good luck with all the classes!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I talked with my folks this morning and they got 8+ inches of snow - they're south of Richmond and yep, they've had more snow than we have this year. Go figure?!

The light show sounds amazing - until the power went out that is... brrrrrrr......

Elizabeth is coming along nicely - mine is progressing, thanks to your inspiration. I hope to have her done in a couple of more weeks. Maybe.

Your PS Winter Ornament is wonderful - I just love those.

Good luck with all your books - they look scary hard to me!

Siobhan said...

Elizabeth looks great, Cari! Congrats on the ornament finishes. Woohoo! The snow pics are beautiful. Hunker down and stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Was wondering how you were faring with the snow! Sorry you lost power! We had about 7 inches here!

Congrats on getting your stitching stuff organized AND finishing your PS Winter ornament!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Cari!


Laurie in Iowa said...

Your Elizabeth looks fantastic. So glad you finally got your missing floss color.
The PS winter ornament is so sweet. I was gifted the Winter ornament and I have it hanging from the curio cabinet latch. An ornament you can leave out way beyond the holidays.
Glad you found something to occupy your time during the power outage. You sound way too organized to me. lol

Catherine said...

Elizabeth looks so pretty - I love the color of the now non-missing thread!

Your ornament finish is adorable - can't wait to see how you finish it.

The light show sounds like it was really wild and led to some crazy organizing!

Stay safe, warm and stitchy!

Kim B said...

I love those ornies Cari! And so glad you got your fibers. I can't wait to see more of Elizabeth!

Lois said...

Wow! You did get some snow! Sorry to hear you lost your power but you did put the time to very good use!! Lizzie continues to look lovely. Congratulations on the ornament finishes!!!!

staci said...

ES is such a pretty sampler :) Glad you got your missing thread, I always hate when I missing one (or two, or three etc, lol.)

Love your PS finishes too. Stay warm!

The Scarlett House said...

Oh Cari, my dear, I wish I could send you some warm weather and sunshine. Spring can't be too far away. Love your PS ornaments. That's one that I'd like to do. Liz is looking lovely. I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to catch up on blogs, but your Be Ye to Others is stunning...really beautiful. Looking forward to seeing it framed.
Sorry about all those books and classes :(

Michelle said...

So glad you got your missing skein of thread! And what a great way to use your time without power!! I feel your pain with school - it's hard to find time to stitch with all that going on. And your ornaments are fantastic. I had hoped to have one done in January - but,!

Loraine said...

Elizabeth is looking great. Have you got your Alphabet blocks out yet? I'm really trying to stay with my village. I'm hoping to finish this month, so I can start ABC.
Love your little ornament too!

Valerie said...

Glad you finally got the *missing* thread and you can continue work on Elizabeth. Hope that pesky homework stays at a minimum so that you have more time to stitch!

I really like your January reminds me of a country scene here at home.

Happy Stitching!

Michelle said...

Elizabeth is coming along beautifully! Lovely ornament!

The books look very impressive - it will all be worth it in the long run ;)

Snip said...

Great progress on Elizabeth! Such a lovely design. Congrats on your ornament finish!