Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
God bless you,

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm Free!

(no, not from jail!) No more work or homework! I am on vacation for 10 whole days AND I completed my 5th and final class of the semester yesterday, hooray!
My last assignment was a 5,000 word paper, due at midnight on Friday (I turned it in at 11:23 p.m.). So I sat at in front of my computer all Thursday evening and all yesterday, except for a quick break to meet friends for lunch. Around 4:30 I looked up from my computer screen to see the sky and the ground awash in white – what a beautiful sight it was. This morning this is what my neighborhood looks like…

It is a rare thing for us to get this much snow in Virginia and even rarer that it sticks for any length of time. It’s perfect for sledding and we have some awesome hills nearby. I got so excited at the thought that I called a friend and tried to make a sledding date until she quickly reminded me that – DUH, I have a fractured knee – in my frenzy over all the snow, I completely forgot (it’s ok, you can laugh at me – she did).

Here is my progress on my current A&E

Be Ye To Others
Hillside Samplings

40ct Norden Cream
Mixture of DMC & Silks

Awhile ago, someone had asked me to share some more photos of my old house. My living room ‘looked’ so clean this morning that I thought I would snap a few pics.

The two dog pictures are actually paint-by-number that my mother painted as a child. And the little arm peaking up from behind the couch is my stitching lamp.
I can't thank each of you enough for all the wonderful well wishes ~ only 4 more weeks in this brace but, it affords me lots of stitching time.
Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Good News: I didn't break anything
Bad News: I fractured my knee cap
Good News: It is my left leg, so I can still drive
Bad News: I have to wear this blasted contraption for FIVE WEEKS
It was a rainy Saturday and I had a full day of fun events. I came home from the cookie exchange at church rushed in the house to change and head back out to a luncheon. So, all dressed up in my heels and sparkly Christmas sweater I headed into the garage - failing to see the nice rain puddle that had slid off my car on to the tile floor - lost my footing and came down on my left knee. Below is the scene of the crime. Half the garage is for my car the other half is a workspace. The wrapped post? Funny you should ask - I took a foam egg crate and wrapped it around the beam and then covered it in plastic so that "WHEN" I hit the post it would keep the car safe. For the record, it has been 10 yrs and I have not hit the post!
While my injury has put a crimp in my Christmas spirit, my stitching is coming right along. The first 2 days I hurt to bad to even stitch - ever felt that way? Below is my progress on on "Be Ye To Others" See the lovely, very time consuming over one lettering - I'm off a whole square and have to finish ripping it out - boohiss! Ripping it out is even more time consuming than stitching it! The empty space under the border is for 5 sets of initials. I thought about this for awhile and decided to use the initials of my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, great-great, and great x3. I called my aunt and she pulled out the genealogy she is working on and read thru names for me. I learned a couple of things about my ancestors a.) they were not creative and/or b.) they were patriotic - here are some of my relatives names - Christopher Columbus Johnson, Daniel Boone Johnson, George Washington White, America Johnson, Atlanta Georgia Johnson. I can just imagine the teasing these poor people received when they were kids.

Be Ye To Others
Hillside Samplings
40 ct Norden Cream
Mix of DMC & Silk
Every morning Smokie keeps me company as I curl my hair and put on my makeup but as soon as she hears the pop and hiss of the radiator, she races down the stairs and this is where I find her as I am leaving each morning.

She was not to happy to be disturbed from her morning nap
.My house was built in 1895 hence the radiators. They get so hot that you can't touch them and I was concerned that her laying on them might harm her. So on my next visit to our vet, I asked him just that - oddly he had a coughing fit (I swear it sounded like laughter) before answering "No, the radiator will not cook your cat"
I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by, I really enjoy hearing from each of you!

Only 14 days 'til Christmas...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giving Thanks

for a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family. My nieces ~ Abby & Ana

As I type this, I have been asking myself why I have no pictures of my very handsome nephew or of my brother - but they were there as well. We ate lots of good food and played lots of games - Sequence, Canasta, and I leaned how to play Nertz, which is a great game!
Below is my progress on "Be Ye To Others". Ignore the strings to the side. When I work with a pattern that is done in pages, I tend to finish a page before moving to the next and instead of ending the thread, I just pull it to the side - what do you guys do?
Be Ye To Others
Hillside Samplings
40ct Norden Cream
Mix of Silk & DMC
The best for last...
Melissa of Words and Blooms graciously honored me with this award ~ my very first and it couldn't have come from a more delightful lady ~ thank you Melissa!

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Happy Stitching.


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