Friday, December 11, 2009

Good News: I didn't break anything
Bad News: I fractured my knee cap
Good News: It is my left leg, so I can still drive
Bad News: I have to wear this blasted contraption for FIVE WEEKS
It was a rainy Saturday and I had a full day of fun events. I came home from the cookie exchange at church rushed in the house to change and head back out to a luncheon. So, all dressed up in my heels and sparkly Christmas sweater I headed into the garage - failing to see the nice rain puddle that had slid off my car on to the tile floor - lost my footing and came down on my left knee. Below is the scene of the crime. Half the garage is for my car the other half is a workspace. The wrapped post? Funny you should ask - I took a foam egg crate and wrapped it around the beam and then covered it in plastic so that "WHEN" I hit the post it would keep the car safe. For the record, it has been 10 yrs and I have not hit the post!
While my injury has put a crimp in my Christmas spirit, my stitching is coming right along. The first 2 days I hurt to bad to even stitch - ever felt that way? Below is my progress on on "Be Ye To Others" See the lovely, very time consuming over one lettering - I'm off a whole square and have to finish ripping it out - boohiss! Ripping it out is even more time consuming than stitching it! The empty space under the border is for 5 sets of initials. I thought about this for awhile and decided to use the initials of my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, great-great, and great x3. I called my aunt and she pulled out the genealogy she is working on and read thru names for me. I learned a couple of things about my ancestors a.) they were not creative and/or b.) they were patriotic - here are some of my relatives names - Christopher Columbus Johnson, Daniel Boone Johnson, George Washington White, America Johnson, Atlanta Georgia Johnson. I can just imagine the teasing these poor people received when they were kids.

Be Ye To Others
Hillside Samplings
40 ct Norden Cream
Mix of DMC & Silk
Every morning Smokie keeps me company as I curl my hair and put on my makeup but as soon as she hears the pop and hiss of the radiator, she races down the stairs and this is where I find her as I am leaving each morning.

She was not to happy to be disturbed from her morning nap
.My house was built in 1895 hence the radiators. They get so hot that you can't touch them and I was concerned that her laying on them might harm her. So on my next visit to our vet, I asked him just that - oddly he had a coughing fit (I swear it sounded like laughter) before answering "No, the radiator will not cook your cat"
I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by, I really enjoy hearing from each of you!

Only 14 days 'til Christmas...


Deb said...

Cari - I busted out laughing at the vet's comment! I would hope that the your dear cat would know enough to get off if it was too hot! I love radiators, BTW, the heat is so much nicer than a furnace.

You're making great progress on your WIP and it really looks wonderful. I certainly hear you on those one-over-one letters. I'm going through that with Adam Alone and if you don't pay attention at all times, you're off and you don't find it until frogging becomes a major chore, especially over one.

And oh my gosh, about your leg! And five weeks of wearing that thing on your leg! I'm so sorry. But look at the bright side, if there is one to having something like that happen - stay off of it and stitch!!!

And how cool about the relative names. I'll bet that having those names was like how we name our children now - you find a million of the same named child when a name becomes popular - but how cool those names are!!

Love to Stitch said...

Oh Cari I feel terrible about your poor knee!! Gosh, I cant even believe it. 5 weeks with that added accessory-- it could be alot worse right? I hope it isnt too bad :(.

Be Ye to Others is moving along great-- I am amazed at how you stitch, left to right--incredible!! It really is a Gorgeous piece, someday I will have to dig that one out of the stash.

The wrapped up post in the garage is pretty good. You know if you didnt have it wrapped what would happen!!

The comment about cooking your cat reminds me of a line in the movie Chevy Chase Xmas Vacation...

Hope you have a great weekend!

Catherine said...

I was laughing at the vet's comment! Too funny!

Ouch! Sorry to hear about your incident - I hope you are feeling better and getting some quality stitching time.

Margaret said...

Oh Cari! I'm so sorry about your knee! I've had a broken leg so I know the pain you must be in. Ugh! You should use this as an excuse to just sit and stitch. :D I love your WIP -- it is just so pretty! I also love your ancestors' names! That's such fun! Pretty funny about the vet's comment about your cat. I guess the fur probably protects her pretty well, huh. Take it easy -- hope you're not in too much pain now!

Lois said...

Oh Cari, you poor thing, that must have been so painful. I'm glad it's not as sore now but I'm sure it's very inconvenient having that contraption on your leg.

Love your stitching progress although sorry to hear you have some rippig out to do, that's no fun, especially if it's over one. How interesting to find out those names of your ancestors.

Smokie looks very comfy there on the radiator. Loved the vet's comment!!!

Look after yourself.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Oh my, what a major ouch! I'm so sorry you've fractured your knee cap and have to wear that wrap thing for the entire holiday season. Maybe you could decorate it and that might lift your spirits a bit.

Your sampler is gorgeous and I,m so sorry you've had to spend so much time unstitching the over one. What a PITA.

I had a good chuckle over the ancestors names. Very patriotic indeed.

Your kitty looks so comfy on her radiator. I miss the nice moist heat from a radiator, but I don't miss having to top off the water in the boiler. I used to leave a heating pad, on the low setting, for my kitty duuuring the winter months.

Take care of yourself and make sure to demand lots of pampering from your DH.

Melissa said...

Ouch! I'm so sorry to hear about your big owwie! It's nice that you tried to look at the bright side and there is always at least one bright side to everything I suppose!

Your sampler is looking beautiful. I just love seeing new designs stitched. You can see so much more on the blogs!

Smokey is looking very cozy and possessive - my heater! All Mine! That was a funny comment from your vet!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Cari! I am sorry to hear that you injured your knee! Praying for its complete healing!

Your WIP looks super even though you have to frog! Love your relatives' names -- very cool!

Enjoy the weekend even with the added accessory!


Siobhan said...

Oh, YOUCH, Cari!! I am so sorry about your knee--hope it heals quickly. Now you need to say that you need to heal and park yourself on your sofa. ;)

Love the WIP! It is so pretty. I'm laughing at the names--I think they're pretty neat! We didn't stray too far from Mary on my dad's side and a bunch of Annas and Julias on my mom's. You definitely have to use some of those names on some samplers--too neat.

LOL about your cat and the vet's comment!! LOL We have radiators here, too; Irish houses are built with them, even new ones. I don't get why they don't do the heating like in the US but people aren't usually happy to hear me ask why it's not done like in the US so I try to keep my trap shut. LOL

Have a good weekend!

Stitch Wizard said...

Cari Oh wow I am sooooooo sorry about your kneecap. I did that very thing about 5 years ago. I broke my kneecap in three places and had to have surgery to repair it. That fall ended up saving my life because before doing surgery they found I had an abnormal EKG. When I showed that to my doctor near Houston, he referred to to a cardio doctor and I had two stents before ever having symptoms. Still I am hoping you have a quick recovery and get well soon! I love your stitching here and thank you for the lovely comment in my blog!

Loraine said...

What a great post Cari! (I'm really behind on reading, can you tell?) I love the cook your cat comment. So funny. Cute little kitty. I guess I'm sort of like a cat...I love to sit on the heater vent!
Hope your knee heals very soon. So sorry about the tragic accident. Not fun at all!
Your sampler is wonderful! Love the names, they are great people to be named after!
BTW, I like your new "wallpaper" on here.
Take Care!

Brigitte said...

What a nice sampler you are stitching on.
Your "kneefall" sounds scary but good to read that nothing is broken. Better wearing this contraption thingie than wearing a cast. And you will have some spare time to stitch during the next weeks, lol.

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about your knee - I hope it feels better soon!

Your sampler is looking so beautiful - those colours are devine!

It is sooo funny about your cat :)

The Scarlett House said...

Oh ouch, you poor thing. Take care and heal soon. Love your sampler progress, that one is so pretty. How cool that you live in a house from 1895. I would love that. Your story about the cooked cat was very funny. I'd lay up there, too.

Sachiko said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your knee!! I hope it will heal quickly and you can resume the Christmas activities. I have a condition that sometimes keeps me in bed, I don't like it, but I secretly like that it is the only time I can catch up on my reading. Your cat is adorable.

z.lisk-swain said...

that's horrible about your knee! but on the plus side more time to stitch!

Michelle said...

Your poor knee! I am so sorry to hear about your injury, and I hope it heals soon. Your stitching is looking beautiful, you're making great progress on it. What fun names you have in your family too!