Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm Free!

(no, not from jail!) No more work or homework! I am on vacation for 10 whole days AND I completed my 5th and final class of the semester yesterday, hooray!
My last assignment was a 5,000 word paper, due at midnight on Friday (I turned it in at 11:23 p.m.). So I sat at in front of my computer all Thursday evening and all yesterday, except for a quick break to meet friends for lunch. Around 4:30 I looked up from my computer screen to see the sky and the ground awash in white – what a beautiful sight it was. This morning this is what my neighborhood looks like…

It is a rare thing for us to get this much snow in Virginia and even rarer that it sticks for any length of time. It’s perfect for sledding and we have some awesome hills nearby. I got so excited at the thought that I called a friend and tried to make a sledding date until she quickly reminded me that – DUH, I have a fractured knee – in my frenzy over all the snow, I completely forgot (it’s ok, you can laugh at me – she did).

Here is my progress on my current A&E

Be Ye To Others
Hillside Samplings

40ct Norden Cream
Mixture of DMC & Silks

Awhile ago, someone had asked me to share some more photos of my old house. My living room ‘looked’ so clean this morning that I thought I would snap a few pics.

The two dog pictures are actually paint-by-number that my mother painted as a child. And the little arm peaking up from behind the couch is my stitching lamp.
I can't thank each of you enough for all the wonderful well wishes ~ only 4 more weeks in this brace but, it affords me lots of stitching time.
Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

Terrific snow pictures, Cari! I'm glad that you realized (by way of your friend) no sledding at least for this snowstorm! Maybe there will be another snow where you can go sledding!

Stay warm and enjoy your wintry white weekend!


Melissa said...

Oh my word, Cari, the snow scene looked like our winter last year and we were in the same boat - very unusual to get all that snow. The trick is if it stays only a few days it's fun; if it stays longer and gets ugly including keeping people housebound then it's grumpy time!

I did laugh when I read about your sledding and your knee. We are all kids at heart.

Your stitching piece is coming along beautifully. Have fun cozying up and stitching today!

Margaret said...

Congratulations on your freedom! Enjoy it - lots of stitching! I hope the knee isn't too much of a pain - no sledding for you this time. lol! Love your A&E WIP. And your livingroom is so pretty! Love the fireplace -- and the couch!

Glenna said...

What a gorgeous old house!! Is it lots of work to keep up? We thought about an old house in Fred. and didn't do it--got a modern monstrosity instead, which is built not very well. Bet yours is much more solid and better crafted.

Be Ye is really coming along well. I think it's interesting also that you seem to "park" your threads!

The snow really is a blast, isn't it? Kind of a treat, although I suspect it will have worn out its welcome by about Monday.

Love to Stitch said...

What a nice relief-- your shoulders must feel so much lighter now, that that paper is all done!! YEAH!! We are bracing for the snow too, it isnt snowing just yet, but you never know. At the super market this morning everyone was buying all kinds of gallons of milk! What can you do with more then 1 really?! LOL. Your living room is gorgeous, that sofa is beautiful. Love the hardwood too. My husband says he would like to come over and sit in your chair and read a book next to the fire. What do you think? I will bring my stitching and we can visit and have tea.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your house is beautiful! Thanks for sharing some snaps with us.

Your Be Ye sampler is gorgeous. You should have lots of stitching won't be going anyplace with all that snow.


Ranae said...

It seems like everyone is getting snow except lil ol me, lol I am begging for a fresh snowfall to cover up the dirty snow here in N. IL.
A&E is looking great.
Enjoy your break.pezoort

Loraine said...

Love your wonderful home! Enjoy your break!

Kim said...

Cari enjoy your TEN DAYS OFF!! Wooohoooo!!! Lucky girl!!! Have a wonderful time off! I'm lovin that A&E!

Brigitte said...

It's one of the best feelings when semester work is done and free days are ahead. Enjoy every single one. With or without snow, lol.
Your stitched piece looks gorgeous.

Michelle said...

Stunning pictures!

Lois said...

Congrats on getting that paper in! I know you will love no work or homework for a couple of weeks! Oh my, look at all that snow! We had a covering today but it won't last long. I loved seeing pics of your house, it's beautiful and I also love the progress you've made on Be Ye to Others. Have a lovely Christmas and hope that knee feels better soon!

JOLENE said...

Your home looks so pretty. The pictures of the dogs are a rare treasure. I bet your MIL is tickled that you have chosen to display them in your home. Hope you are taking lots of time relaxing from school work and stitching til your heart's content. Your sampler is moving along quickly and it is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy!!

Anne said...

Cari, I LOVE that Hillside Samplings WIP...fabulous! The snow pics and views of your house are wonderful too. Happy new year!

Ramona said...

Yep, I finally visited your site! I'm so glad that I did because I got to see your winter wonderland. I had wondered if your end of town received as much snow as we did toward the hills. Wasn't it wunderbar???!!! Mark is anticipating more this week (hope the forecasters don't let him down).

See you soon!

Nina said...


First I"d like to thank you your lovely comments on my blog, you are so kind! Thank you!
I hope your knee cap is ready... or will be soon! Take care!

Your living room is so beautiful! Wow :)
I like its style! Also love the winter pics, snowig is the only one thing I like in winter. Beautful pictures!

Hope your 2010 year will be as fine as you want to ;)

Enjoy your day,