Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Stitching Progress

It's Thursday - hooray! My friend and I decided to meet at 5:45 a.m. to go running. Well, I woke up and couldn't find the clock so I grabbed my Zune and clicked time only to discover it was 5:40 - I raced out of bed, got dressed and headed down the stairs when it hit me... I never changed the time on my Zune. I couldn't believe it was only 4:45 in the morning - needless to say, I went back to bed - fully clothed (no use getting dressed twice) and slept for another hour. It is so nice to have my exercise completed before work and watching the sunrise was beautiful.

I finished Needles & Pins this past weekend - I really like this one and plan to send it to Deb for her to make into a door hanger - it will look perfect in our guest bedroom, affectionately known as the Pink Room.

Needles & Pins (kit)
Milady's Needle

I started an A&E that I found on ebay - I decided to stitch it on 28 ct. Lambswool 1 over 1. This meant that I had to make some adjustments. The pattern calls for a chain stitch to make the apples and for the middle of the sun - I opted for Algerian stitches and love the look. I don't care for the butterfly above Eve's head and may take it out. Hopefully I will finish this one this week . As much as I love how quickly I can finish these small projects, I really, really want to get my hands on a big project. Sarah Woodham 40 ct is on backorder so I picked up Elizabeth Savilles but had to order the Olde Willow thread - I may just have to resort to picking up a WIP (poor me).

Adam & Eve
Snippets of Olde
28 ct Lambswool 1 over 1
DMC Thread

I ordered my fibers for Sarah Woodham and Joyeux Noel and a new pair of scissors - The Love Scissors by Kelmscott (thanks Jan).

Belle Soie, Crescent Colours
The Love Scissors by Kelmscott

Lastly, I completed my 50th Post and thought it was a good excuse to have a GIVEAWAY. The chart is Blessings & Kind Wishes by Blackbird Designs and it includes the suggested fabric. Just leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favorite fabric and fibers are. No need to post it on your blog as I would prefer the prize to go to a regular visitor.

Enjoy your day & happy stitching!



Margaret said...

You're so good to go running so early in the morning -- must have been nice to notice that the time on your Zune was wrong. :D I love your stitching! So beautiful! And over one on that A&E -- wow! Don't worry about me for the giveaway -- I already have that chart. But it's great that you're doing it!

Michelle said...

Great stitching - can't wait to see the finished product! Love the scissors :)

My favourite fibres will have to be DMC as we do not get any other brands here (except for local brands)and the fabric is also limited - I love any 100% cotton evenweave (not Aida, though).

Deb said...

You are a much better woman than I to get up that early and go running! I'm lucky if I'm on the eliptical by 8:00. Love your Needles and Pins finish. I'm anxious to see Deb work her charms on this piece. I finished that up last year and haven't put it together yet (Story of my life)! LOL

And I love the A&E piece and need to know the name of it!! Like you, I'm getting into these A&E pieces big time and can't stitch them fast enough!

Love the new stash and fibers. Very yummy. And I don't need to be entered into the giveaway - I already have the chart.

Catherine G. said...

I stand in awe of anyone getting up that early to go running - wish I had that in me. I did walk after the kids got on the bus though!

I like to stitch on linens, various sizes depending on the project. I like to use overdyed threads - but also still like DMC.

Thanks for the chance at the give-away! I love BBD!

Laurie in Iowa said...

I love the little A&E piece you're stitching. I'm an early riser, but going for a run at 5:45 in the morning would never happen for me. YGG!
Don't enter my name in the giveaway... I too have that chart.

Renee G said...
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Renee G said...

This looks lovely --- and I don't have the chart. And yes, you really are ambitious to go running that early.

I've pretty much only used DMC cotton. I have tried a gold metallic thread too, but I hated working with it.
As to fabric, I tend to use Aida.

Brigitte said...

Ohhh, the A&E piece looks awesome. Very, very beautiful. And so is the Pins and Needles piece. Looking forward to seeing this one finished.

Siobhan said...

Woke up early... went running... two phrases that I am having problems understanding. Hmmm. ;) Just kidding--YGG--that is fabulous!!

Love your Pins & Needles! It looks great. The A&E is fabulous, too. I don't think I've seen that one before stitched. It's a beauty!

Congrats on your 50th post!! Woohoo for us, because I know I speak for a lot of people by saying that I love your blog. Thanks for the offer on the chart, but I already have it, so I'll pass and let some other lucky person scoop it up.

Lois said...

What a cute finish your Pins & Needles is! I admire your energy, I'm okay at getting up in the morning but the thought of getting up to go running?!?!?!? All I'm thinking about when I get up is my cup of tea! Love your A&E start and congrats on your 50th post! I have a long way to go before I reach that milestone!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful finish, Cari! And your A&E start is so pretty! Know you will have it finished up soon!

Congratulations on your 50th post! What a great giveaway, too!

Love 32-count linen and too many fibers!

Enjoy your weekend!


Mylene said...

Your pins and needles looks beautiful.
Great start on A&E.

The Scarlett House said...

Wonderful finishes, Cari. The little A&E is a new one for me, haven't seen it before, but I really like it done that way. I love stitching over one once in awhile, too.