Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I’ve been fortunate to have off the last few weeks and just returned to work today.  Thankfully, I have a job I love and I actually looked forward to returning to my normal routine. 
I made the most of my time off and completed some house projects and started some new stitching projects.  I am also in the midst of stripping wallpaper in the kitchen.  I know it sounds crazy, but I actually enjoy stripping wallpaper…
My sweet Penny enjoyed my time off as well.  I had time to take her for longer walks, play dates at the dog park, and she got to lay outside all day in the sunshine.  Penny was a rescue puppy that I adopted in March 2013 – here she is as a puppy….


And here she is currently on her visit to see Santa, 14-months old….


She is actually a very gentle giant and loves people. 
One of my goals over break was to finish raking up the massive piles of leaves in my side yard,  I purchased a tarp thinking it would  make raking up the remaining leaves easier and quicker....silly me.

Here's how it really went - I laid out the tarp, turned to grab my rake - Penny runs off with the tarp

Reclaim tarp....Penny takes off with the rake.

Have rake and tarp (victory!) actually fill the tarp with leaves only to have Penny grab one end of the tarp and begin to shake it.....It’s funny now, but I was losing patience quickly that day

One of my Christmast starts was Rachell Howells 1856 by The Scarlett House – love my A&E patterns!!

This is my progress so far….

I also joined three SAL’s for 2014:

The Snooty Parrot by Barbara Ana Designs – still waiting on my pattern to arrive
Mary Gail by the Scarlett Letter still waiting on my threads to arrive

Hannah Lovina Joslin by Blackbird Designs – I have made a little progress on this one.

I also plan to stitch a Chrstimas ornament each month – anyone want to join me?  I picked this cute and quick little one by Lizzie Kate:  

It’s almost complete, waiting on Whitewash to arrive.
What stitiching goals do you have for the new year?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A new start

Almost three years since I have posted - where does the time go?  I have wanted to post recently, but held back...what if I can't find the time to post?  What do I really have to share?  

I started this blog to share my love of stitching and meet others who were just as obsessed. Stitching was my escape, I could pick up my needle and thread, turn on a good movie, and forget the craziness around me.   Today, I still love to stitch, but I have a very full, happy life, and finding time to stitch is not always easy.  

In the past three years, I have changed positions at the university twice, finished my master's degree, talked about starting my doctorate, adopted a puppy and two kittens, purchased a home, watched hundreds of episodes on Netflix, stitched a little, bought lots of new stash, had my first stay in the hospital, learned to mow a lawn, bought a weed eater, but have yet to unpack it, made new friends and said goodbye to others, travelled, read some great books, acquired a taste for sushi, and been blessed beyond measure!  

I look forward to catching up with everyone, being motivated to stitch more, and meeting new people!


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Friday, February 10, 2012


My sweet boy...


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Time on my hands

what a wonderful experience!
My house is clean and organized. I've had lunch dates with friends and some thrifty shopping time. And, I have had lots of stitching time - hooray! It's a wonderful start to my summer.
I started Jean Rattray (another A&E) - it has lots of green and apples with white centers - not sure what that is about.

Jean Rattray
Threads of Gold
40 ct something, recommended threads

I also finished my May ornament (SAL with Siobhan and Lois). This is a Shepherd's Bush ornament from the 2006 magazine. It was a fun & easy project.
Mary & Joseph
Shepherd's Bush
32 ct something, recommended threads

I received a wonderful surprise package from Terri. It was so prettily wrapped and packed in a cute, cute basket (that I failed to photograph). Aren't these strawberries so very sweet - I love each and every one of them! Terri, thank you so very much - it was such a delightful surprise to receive something handmade from you - I will treasure these always!

I received a package from Deb and, once again, she worked her magic. Deb, you are the best!

Cross-Eyed Cricket
Recommended Fabric & Fiber

The Prairie Schooler - 2006 CS Ornaments
Unknown Fabric & Recommended Fiber

And lastly, I was the lucky winner of one of Becky's wonderful giveaways. If you have not visited her blog, please do so. She is a talented woman with a big heart. So many wonderful charts - I am in stitching heaven. Thanks, Becky!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. To those who have loved one in the armed forces, we are most grateful for their service to our country. My grandfather (WWII), father (Vietnam), and brother (Air Force) served in the military.

Happy Stitching!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Big Day

Saturday, May 15th, 2010 - I graduated!

There were over 9,000 graduates of which, 4,400 participated in Saturday's Commencement Ceremony. Glen Beck was our guest speaker. The main ceremony was outside - temps of 92 (nothing like wearing a long-sleeved black gown and black cap in the heat, lol).

It was a wonderful day and my family and friends were all there to cheer me on as I walked across the stage to receive my diploma - B.S. Business Management.

My friends threw me a great party on Sunday - it was very humbling to see all the work they did just for me. I am blessed to have a wonderful circle of close girlfriends - Paige, Elke, Tiffany, Susan, Beth, Linda, Lisa, and Ramona - you are the best and I am so very grateful to call you my friends.

To my blogging friends, please forgive me for being MIA - I owe you lots of emails, thank you's, and catching up to do on each of your blogs. With all my schooling out of the way, I hope to be more consistent with my posting and blogging. I so cherish the friendships I have made this past year through my blog. You all are the best!

I have lots of stitching to show you in my next post.

Have a wonderful day!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finishes, Gifts, & Thrifty Finds

Hi Everyone! It's been quite a week and it's only Wednesday. I am running on about 10 hours of sleep over the last two days. Lots of project due as we near the end of the semester. Oh how I love to say that 'end of the semester', whoohoo! No one should ever attempt to take nine classes during one semester - it's been insane. But, I also have to say I am grateful to have all these classes completed.

The series Bones has been entertaining me as I have been working on homework. I just love this show! I started with Season 1 a few weeks ago and am now watching Season 5. I have read several of the books (Kathy Reichs) so it's fun to see the characters come to life.
Staci asked about my scissors in the last post. I found them on ebay. The handles are made of the old Bakelite material. The cream side is showing and the opposite side is a gold opaque color - they are really cool.

I have been very fortunate to win a couple of drawings. The first is a from a new blog I discovered recently. I was so surprised and delighted to win - look at all the wonderful goodies! And, yep, that is a Starbucks gift certificate. Thanks so much Nancy.

candle holders, deco bird, deco tag, pretty notepads, Starbucks gc, and a cute tote bag.
The second item came from the Online Needlework Show. M Designs had a drawing and I WON!!! I had the opportunity to choose my favorite chart - hard decision. I chose this one - I really like the alternate color scheme shown in the corner.

I helped my friend Tiffany (no blog) with her yard sale last weekend and I got some wonderful pieces from her sale though she wouldn't let me pay (love you Tiffany!)

These baskets are so pretty - I've never seen these before.

I love this pitcher. It doesn't have any markings, but it doesn't appear to be old either.

I love milk glass and have several pieces scattered about. Tiffany gave me two lovely pieces. This gorgeous vase and another sweet little hobnob piece.

The little hobnob piece now resides a top the mantel in the dining room. When I first looked at our home, a piano sat in the dining room. When I moved in (and the piano was gone) we were tickled to find a fireplace hearth with the beautiful tiles in tact. But sadly, no mantel. A few months after moving in, I found this gorgeous fireplace mantel in the attic. I stripped it and re-painted it. I have been searching for the missing tiles, to no avail. It's been 10 years, way past time to just settle for finding some different tiles so that we can affix this baby to the wall. It currently just leans against the wall with the top portion just sitting on the bottom, unattached. It's definitely an accident waiting to happen.

And, this came last Saturday as well.....

I am so tickled to own one of these Barnett & Jaffey cases, I love it. And, I owe it all to my friend Terri, "the enabler." Now I just have to find time to fill it up.

My friend Lisa (no blog) gave me these really cool shoes - they didn't fit her. They are JCrew jelly shoes - they don't look like jellies and they are so comfy! She also gave me this can of Vernor's. For those that don't know, this is a Michigan pop and in Virginia, it is extinct. Lisa is from Michigan and goes home often to visit family and she gratefully brings me back a piece of my home state. I am saving it for a movie nite. Vernors and popcorn go together perfectly.

Now to my big news. I FINALLY finished the Yellow House. Another A&E, I am so very happy.

Yellow HouseSheepish DesignsLakeside Linen Light Exampler & DMC threads

Also, here is my April Ornament. Lois, Siobhan, and I are doing an ornament SAL and we have made it thru FOUR months - hooray!

Just Nan Freebie
Unidentified Fabric & recommended threads.
I have started Jean Rattray (another A&E) by but don't have enough to show right now.
Anybody still with me? Sorry for prattling on for so long! Well, back to my homework...
Have a great week and happy stitching.
p.s. Check out Paulette and Marsha's new blog and they are having a giveaway! I went out at lunch and purchased some fresh blackberries so I can make their blackberry and vanilla muffins - they look yummy!