Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A new start

Almost three years since I have posted - where does the time go?  I have wanted to post recently, but held back...what if I can't find the time to post?  What do I really have to share?  

I started this blog to share my love of stitching and meet others who were just as obsessed. Stitching was my escape, I could pick up my needle and thread, turn on a good movie, and forget the craziness around me.   Today, I still love to stitch, but I have a very full, happy life, and finding time to stitch is not always easy.  

In the past three years, I have changed positions at the university twice, finished my master's degree, talked about starting my doctorate, adopted a puppy and two kittens, purchased a home, watched hundreds of episodes on Netflix, stitched a little, bought lots of new stash, had my first stay in the hospital, learned to mow a lawn, bought a weed eater, but have yet to unpack it, made new friends and said goodbye to others, travelled, read some great books, acquired a taste for sushi, and been blessed beyond measure!  

I look forward to catching up with everyone, being motivated to stitch more, and meeting new people!


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Margaret said...

Cari, it's wonderful to see a post from you! Wow, a lot has happened in your life. Good things too! You'll have to share pictures of your fur babies sometime. It's good to hear you're doing well. The stitching will always be there for you when you find the time.

Deb said...

It's so good to see you posting again. I can see why you haven't as you're been so busy!! Congratulations on your Masters, new puppy, kittens, new home and all the new stash. It's going to great to see posts from you again!!

Robin said...

Thrilled to see a post from you, Cari! Congratulations on earning your Master's degree! And yes, please share pictures of your furbabies.

Robin in Virginia

Loraine said...

Life does have a way of moving quicker than we want it to! Congratulations on finishing your masters. I would say your time away from blogging was deserved, and needed.
I can't wait to see what you are working on.

Lois said...

Cari, so lovely to see you coming back to blogging!!! Life has been busy for you and I think we all find at times that we concentrate on other things! Congratulations on completing your Masters!!! I know that takes a lot of work!!!! Looking forward to seeing you back in the online world in 2014!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

I was wondering if you finished the toy store by Patricia Andrle? I was looking at her patterns and stumbled across your blog - sorry to see you aren't posting any longer!