Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gifts Galore

Smokie wanted to model the gifts. This bench is her favorite sleeping spot.Those of you that follow Alma's (Blackbird Designs) blog know that she recently has an amazing giveaway and I won, I really won. I was quite shocked and excited. The box arrived on Monday and it was full of wonderful items. The pincushion bottom is a wonderful piece and it includes a free pattern.
Bluebird pincushion ~ Bird in Hand pincushion

Next is Blackbird Designs new book, Honeysuckle Manor. It is full of wonderful patterns.And lastly are two Blackbird leaflets and a Stitcher's Journal. Snow Garden ~ Valentine Rose

I received so many wonderful items that I wanted to share. So, I am having a drawing for all my followers. Up for grabs is "Snow Garden." Just leave your information on this post by the end of the day on February 28th and I will draw a name on March 1st.

Thanks Alma & Barb for the wonderful giveaway -
your generosity and your talent are amazing!

Lastly, is my February ornament (it's your turn Siobhan). Siobhan, Lois, and I are stitching ornaments together, our goal is one a month. Lois finished BBD Merry Christmas Stocking, it is beautiful! My finish is by Midsummer Nights Designs and it will find its way to Deb sometime soon for her to work her magic.

Jingle, Sparkle, Joy
Midsummer Night Designs
DMC & random fabric

I have to tell you how sad I am - I always google my blog when I want to check it (it's supposed to help it somehow, the more searches. the better). Anyhow, to my shock and dismay someone has started a new website and a new facebook account using my name, Serene Stitches. I am really upset about it and while I understand I don't own these two words, I kinda feel that my identity has been stolen. Has this happened to any of you? (boohiss)

On another note, after this week I only have two weeks left in this sub-term, hooray! I have a week break and then I begin the next sub-term. I actually filled out my graduation application yesterday - it was quite exciting and it is actually beginning to feel real.

I hope you have a wonderful week full of stitching time.


Movies I have seen: Expiration Date; Definitely, Maybe; Nothing but the Truth; Arthur; People Will Talk.
Books I have listened to this week: The Last Song, Nicholas Sparks; A Share In Death, Deborah Crombie; The Body in the Library, Agatha Christie; The Mirror Cracked Side-to-Side, Agatha Christie.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Living in a Snowglobe

Yep, it snowed again - I feel like I am living in a snow globe and someone keeps shaking the darn thing. I know you northerners (I say that affectionately as I am one by birth) are tired of us southerners whining about all this snow but it really has been an unusual winter. Well, I made it through last week, finished all my homework by Saturday, and I spent a relaxing Sunday at home.  In honor of Valentine's Day, I had a chick flick marathon - "Did You Hear What Happened to the Morgans?", "Leap Year", and then I went to see the new Travolta movie "To Paris, With Love". It was a fun and relaxing day - which is exactly what I needed.
I ordered this in December and it just arrived - it was the Kit-of the-Month at Shakespeare's Peddler and I just love the fabric that came with it. Aren't the scissors wonderful! They were an unexpected surprise from Deb - I was so delighted to receive them and I love them - thanks again Deb!
Lastly, this is my paltry progress on The Yellow House - if you want to see the whole thing all stitched, stop by and see Deb's amazing finish. I have been switching between this piece and Liz when I can steal a few moments.

The Yellow House Sampler
Sheepish Designs
Lakeside Linen Light Examplar & DMC

Have a great week!
Current movies: Leap Year, From Paris with Love, Did You Hear About the Morgans?, The Jacket, Edge of Darkness, Rendition
Books I listened to this week: Andrew Jackson by Robert Remini; The Cat Ate My Gymsuit by Paula Danziger; The Time of My Life by Patrick Swayze; Illusions by Jill Gregory; Christmas In the Plains by Jimmy Carter; Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert MurdockCurrently listening to: The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I confess to be out of words as I just completed my 8-page mid-term - my brain and fingers are exhausted. My other assignments this week were 9 discussion boards, two mid-term exams, a paper on Iago (Othello) and well, I am grateful this week is over! Only four more weeks to go in this sub-term. The Olympics have been great background noise as I type away. Go USA Go!

I am so sad at the state of my blogging these days, but there has not been time to stitch and thus, nothing to show. I have been visiting your blogs but not much commenting from me and I am sorry for that. I also owe quite a few people (Deb and Melissa and Elke) reply emails. I am most grateful for all of you who are still checking in and for leaving comments - you all are the BEST!

Ha, I just remembered I do have something to show - I borrowed the picture from Deb - a FINISH. This is my sweet little La D Da piece that Deb so wonderfully finished and stuffed with crushed walnuts. I can't wait for this to arrive in the mail - she does amazing work. Speaking of which, Lois your ornament is gorgeous!

Well, as PP would say, 'That's All Folks'!

Happy Stitching,


Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Winter Wonderland

More snow, lots more snow. They threatened 24-36" on top of the 15" we received last weekend. I think we wound up with 8-10". The good news is that all the snow resulted in a 3-day weekend - whoohoo! Saturday my phone must have rang 5-6 times before noon, a sledding party was in the making. So with a little maneuvering, I made it out the door. Thankfully the main roads were clear... Our Street

The best place for sledding is 2-3 miles away at a now defunct golf course. It's a beautiful piece of property and has lots of great hills.
There were about 15 families from our church that met and we had an amazing time. Adults and kids were sledding off ramps and going airborne. There were a couple of college kids that crashed our party and provided us with quite a show. The snowboarder below and another guy on skis. The guy on skis would go down the hill off this ramp and do a back flip - it was amazing to watch. I tried to get him on camera but it all happened to quickly. A few brave sledders took the ramp as well.

A couple of my girlfriends trying out an old-fashioned toboggan - this thing flew but was heavy to carry back up the hill. The snow tubes seemed to be the most fun but there was no steering these babies - so everyone knew to watch out when they were barreling down the hill. There's another ramp the kids built off to the right and the inner tube would just sail over it - this particular hill and ramp was also the scene for many wipe outs, collisions, and sled overs (sleds toppling people and then riding over top of them.)

I couldn't resist showing this last picture. This is my friend's youngest daughter, she is 2 1/2 and just the cutest little thing.

I didn't join in the fun for the sake of my knee - I thought I could sled, but I knew my knee was not strong enough to get me back up the hill. I just hung out and socialized with friends and watched all the sledding. More snow is predicted for Wednesday and another storm next weekend - maybe by then I will be able to do some sledding myself.

I'll share some stitching in my next post. Thanks for stopping by to visit me, I just love all the comments.

Enjoy your Sunday and happy stitching!