Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gifts Galore

Smokie wanted to model the gifts. This bench is her favorite sleeping spot.Those of you that follow Alma's (Blackbird Designs) blog know that she recently has an amazing giveaway and I won, I really won. I was quite shocked and excited. The box arrived on Monday and it was full of wonderful items. The pincushion bottom is a wonderful piece and it includes a free pattern.
Bluebird pincushion ~ Bird in Hand pincushion

Next is Blackbird Designs new book, Honeysuckle Manor. It is full of wonderful patterns.And lastly are two Blackbird leaflets and a Stitcher's Journal. Snow Garden ~ Valentine Rose

I received so many wonderful items that I wanted to share. So, I am having a drawing for all my followers. Up for grabs is "Snow Garden." Just leave your information on this post by the end of the day on February 28th and I will draw a name on March 1st.

Thanks Alma & Barb for the wonderful giveaway -
your generosity and your talent are amazing!

Lastly, is my February ornament (it's your turn Siobhan). Siobhan, Lois, and I are stitching ornaments together, our goal is one a month. Lois finished BBD Merry Christmas Stocking, it is beautiful! My finish is by Midsummer Nights Designs and it will find its way to Deb sometime soon for her to work her magic.

Jingle, Sparkle, Joy
Midsummer Night Designs
DMC & random fabric

I have to tell you how sad I am - I always google my blog when I want to check it (it's supposed to help it somehow, the more searches. the better). Anyhow, to my shock and dismay someone has started a new website and a new facebook account using my name, Serene Stitches. I am really upset about it and while I understand I don't own these two words, I kinda feel that my identity has been stolen. Has this happened to any of you? (boohiss)

On another note, after this week I only have two weeks left in this sub-term, hooray! I have a week break and then I begin the next sub-term. I actually filled out my graduation application yesterday - it was quite exciting and it is actually beginning to feel real.

I hope you have a wonderful week full of stitching time.


Movies I have seen: Expiration Date; Definitely, Maybe; Nothing but the Truth; Arthur; People Will Talk.
Books I have listened to this week: The Last Song, Nicholas Sparks; A Share In Death, Deborah Crombie; The Body in the Library, Agatha Christie; The Mirror Cracked Side-to-Side, Agatha Christie.


BeckySC said...

Enjoy all your wonderful gifts :)Don't you just love the BBD designs???

Kellie said...

Am I the first? :)

The flowers are beautiful!!

So is Smokie...what a cutie!

Congrats on your prize!! That is awesome. I just love BBD designs. The Honeysuckle Manor book is one of the few things that made it to my Must Have list from the Nashville Market...even more so now that you have pictured that beautiful sampler. Love it!

And I would love to be entered for your drawing. How generous!
My email is
kellieps3 at windstream dot net

Thanks! Have a great rest of the week!

April Mechelle said...

Congrats on your win !!! Flowers are Beautiful !!! Smokie is pretty too. I love that bench ! Boy, Your blog is full of great stuff !!!

Danielle said...

Ooh, what beautiful flowers! I would love to win Snow Garden. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks.

Melissa said...

Oh, you lucky girl, Cari! To win the Blackbird bonanza! Droolsville. I just ordered Snow Garden so will have to pass on the draw. It was nice of you to share though!

Those flowers are beautiful. The white ones are called alstromeria. I love them too. I had them in my wedding bouquet!

That's great that you are stitching the ornament a month with 2 other wonderful stitchers!

ps Gosh that's so annoying about the name thing!

Loraine said...

Oh Wow! So great that you won BB's giveaway. Congrats! You got some wonderful things.
Please include me in your giveaway. How is PS ABC coming? I haven't started yet, but I'm loving all of the fun posts.

valerie said...

Congrats on all the lovely gifts! Sorry to hear about the name issue...what a drag!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Congrats on being one of the lucky winners of Alma's giveaway. Enjoy! I'm sorry to hear that your name has been taken by someone else... bummer.
I'd love to be included in your giveaway. Thanks!

maria said...

Congrats!!Please enter my name and thank you so much for the chance.
Greetings .

Margaret said...

Well I just wrote this long comment and Blogger kicked me out! Humph!

You're so sweet to share your prize with us, Cari! Thank you! I was so excited to see that you won! I felt a little celeb power rub off on me when I saw it. lol!

I love your ornament! So cool that you all are doing this together!

Bummer about your blog name being stolen. :( Is the person another stitcher? Can you contact the person and ask them to change their name?

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I was so happy to see your name on the BBD post of winners! I love the new book and it is the one "must have" for me from Market. I may pick up some other things but that's the only gotta have it soon!

I am sorry someone is using your blog name. Is it via Blogger? I didn't think you could even do that. I'd be really bummed if someone starting using my blog name.
Great job on the ornament - Deb's finishing will be perfect.

You're almost done with your sub-term! Yeah! I hope you get at least a short break before starting up again.

Have a great weekend! I owe you an email!

Catherine said...

Wasn't that a great give away BBD had? How nice that you won!! It must have felt like Christmas all over again!

All the new things have been added to my wish list of course! We've been living in a "Snow Garden"!! Can't wait to see my actual garden - hopefully soon!

So sorry to hear about your name. Did you try and contact the person?

Thanks for the chance to get Snow Garden!

Deb said...

I was thrilled to see your win that giveaway from BBD! And what wonderful things you received! That's like Christmas if you ask me! I know you still have school and all, but which one would you love to stitch first? They're all wonderful - I think that I'd have a hard time making up my mind - although their new book has some wonderful designs in it!

I'm going to be counting down the days until your sub-term is over. A week of no homework and maybe some quality stitching probably seems wonderful now. Congratulations on filling out the graduation application. It probably makes it seem so real now that you're almost done!!

And that's weird about the same name. It wasn't a blog was it - just a website and Facebook? That's too bad that someone picked out the name. I don't think there could be another blog name like that, but I suppose that everything else is up for grabs.

Ranae said...

Not fair! on the name thing
I am green with envy, look at all those neat things from BBD, lucky duck you! Happy Stitching!
Please enter me

Diana said...

How lucky you were to win all those great designs from BBD! And,how nice of you to offer one of the charts to one of us!

RuthB said...

I'm sorry about the "pilfering" of your serenity, but you know we love you best, right? :)

Congrats on all the lovely goodies!

Nicole said...

Lucky, LUCKY, You! :) Enjoy all your new goodies! :)

JOLENE said...

I was excited to see your name pop up as a winner on BB's giveaway, such a lucky girl you are!!! What incredible new stash! Your flowers are beautiful and I can't believe how long you have had them....they look so good. Smokie is adorable, what a cute photo of him. I would love to own Snow Garden, so sweet of you to offer it to your blogger/stitcher friends!

Kim B said...

What an amazing win! Lucky you! Enter me in your drawing for sure!

And congrats on getting so close to graduation Cari! That must be incredibly exciting.

Snip said...

Really sorry to hear that someone has taken your name! Congratulations on winning the Blackbird Designs draw. That is really exciting! Good luck with your ornament SAL. I can't wait to see what you stitch next.

Lois said...

Cari, what a gorgeous giveaway win - couldn't happen to a nicer person! I do love the new BBD book, it's a definite must have for me, in fact, I'm probably going to be ordering it today!!!! Snow Garden is so pretty so please add my name for the giveaway.

That's a shame about Serene Stitches being taken.

Love the ornament! Yes, I'm getting geared up to start on my March one on Monday!

Siobhan said...

Oh jiminy, I'm really slacking off here, aren't I?! I need to get cracking on my ornament. Gulp. Yours looks GREAT!! I can't wait to see what Deb does with it. :)

CONGRATULATIONS on winning the giveaway! Woot!! Thanks for the offer, but I'll pass on your giveaway bc I've already got the chart on order. Thanks, though!

Bummer about the name thing. I know something similar happened to Barbara of Mainely Stitching a few years ago, but I don't know what the outcome of it.

Annie said...

Lucky girl! That's a great set of winnings and you are very sweet to share.

Sorry about the name thing. I guess there really is no way to deal with that, but I know how you must feel.

VALIE said...

I fell in love with Snow Garden and now you are being so generous, and giving it away. Please enter my name in the draw !

Valerie said...

What a wonderful prize to have won! Your new stash is amazing...I am so jealous! I have had my eye on the Honeysuckle Manor book...can't wait to see your new projects!

Glenna said...

Smokie is a very smart cat--whoa--you have RADIATORS! Do they work? Man, I love radiators! I know you have a vintage home, and that is the best heat out there (and perfect for drying wet mittens). I love it that you won the drawing--you so deserve it. And the designs are just beautiful--I'm going to buy that book this weekend, hopefully. Lucky you on the school break--we don't have one this semester, I think, or it's much later, but I've been scanning the syllabi, and I don't see one. Sigh.

Myra said...

Oh, those BBD charts are amazing! Congratulations. Your Smokie reminds me of my dear Bogie, so handsome. Your roses are beautiful - such a pretty sight in the middle of a dreary winter.

Anonymous said...

How lucky are you to win the great prizes. And now, how generous are you to share some of it. I would love to win.
I am sorry to hear about someone "stealing" your name. I am not sure if you can do anything about it...too bad.
Theresa W.

Brigitte said...

You're a real lucky girl. Congratulations on winning all these absolutely wonderful things. How generous the BBD ladies are. Enjoy all your goodies.
Very nice ornament you stitched for February.

Carol said...

Hi Cari! Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog--I really appreciate it when people take the time to say hi!

Wonderful win from BBD--how lucky are you!!!

And I happened to visit your blog on the last day of your giveaway--how lucky am I. Please count me in... And have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday :)

SilkLover said...

All this enabling is killing me! But isn't it so nice. Congratulations on your win. And I'll enter your giveaway while I am here. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your winning the contest. I love black bird designs. I would love a chance at your give away. I love that design. Thanks Pat Matejcek