Monday, October 12, 2009

Two finishes and a WIP

Monday's they always arrive entirely too quickly - especially after stitching a little too late into the evening.

I can't complain as I had a wonderful, long weekend. Thursday and Friday were Fall Break at the university so I was able to leave early both days and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having. When I left on Thursday, I was so excited as it meant I could go running - I usually get off work at 5 and have a Bible Study that starts at 5:30 - so I rushed home to enjoy some time outside. In my excitement, I was speeding along (literally) and passing all the slow people (ie. going the speed limit) and I turn on to my street which goes from two lanes to one lane and just felt the need to pass everyone before it became one lane - well, up ahead was a police officer. So, I nonchalantly slid back into the slow lane and casually passed the cop...

he pulled out behind me!

Well, I decided I was long over due for a ticket and really deserved this one, so before he could turn his sirens on I just pulled over, got out my license, and rolled down the window. He took my license and said "Do you know why I stopped you" and I replied "Yes, I was speeding" and he started talking before I finished "I stopped you because you were... speeding? he said it in a tone of bewilderment. Then he asked me how I knew he was going to pull me over as he had not turned on his lights - I said "because I was speeding, I was so excited to have a half day off, I just wanted to get home" He told me to stay in my car and started to walk away but I stopped him as he forgot to ask for my registration - he said he didn't need it as I was being honest. (So, was he just going to assume I didn't steal the car?)

The officer was gone mere seconds when he returned and handed me my license and told me he was not going to give me a ticket - my turn to be completely bewildered. He said because I was so honest he was going to let me go - can you believe that? I was so shocked and humbled because I truly deserved the ticket.

I had a wonderful "stitching" weekend! I spent time organizing my floss (it was a mess), kitting up my new projects, and then stitching!

Just out of curiosity, is there any reason not to wind my NPI on the paper bobbins/winders?

I finished the Learning Girl Sampler last week - finally, a picture - the 3rd one is the true color!

The Learning Girl Sampler

I worked on one of my new Shakespeare's Peddler kits. It would have gone a lot of faster if I had not made so many errors! Plus, some of the floss is really close in color - and why don't they label it????

Count Your Blessings
Shakespeare's Peddler
Recommended Fiber & Fabric

And lastly, I started on this sweet little A&E - It's a fun project!

In the Garden
Milady's Needle
Recommended Fabric & Thread

I don't know what I will have time for this week - tons and tons of homework! Thankfully, another weekend is just around the corner.



Margaret said...

Wow! That cop was certainly nice to you! Whew! lol! Love your Learning Girl Sampler finish -- it's gorgeous! Just a heads up in case you have the Jenny Bean sampler with fibers -- I've heard the fiber pack comes packed in order of the label on the front but the fibers aren't labeled. So don't pull them out till you're ready to label them! Finally, I started that A&E too! lol! Isn't it nice? And it's so small so hopefully it'll be quick. :D

Ranae said...

I think being honest and not getting a ticket means, I would go be me a chart or two. It most certainly is cheaper, lol
The sampler is simly devine, Congrats!!
The other WIP's are also fabulous.

Melissa said...

Cari, your completed sampler is just beautiful. Who is the designer?

I enjoyed your "I'm guilty" story. It's the case of "honesty is the best policy"!

Happy Stitching!

Deb said...

Wow, you really lucked out with Mr. Policeman. I guess it really does pay to be honest!

Love how your Learning Girl sampler came out. I don't know where I've been, but I didn't realized there were so many different stitches in this one. Really gives the piece dimension and it looks wonderful.

And I love your new start. I bought that too, but it's just sitting there staring me in the face!!

Anonymous said...

Your Learning Girl Sampler is gorgeous! Love your new starts, too!

It sounds like you had a most enjoyable weekend!

Have a good week, Cari!


JOLENE said...

Hi Cari,

Wow, your Learning Girl Sampler turned out gorgeous, you should be so proud. I really like your Christmas stitchery it looks like it would be a fun stitch.

Cindy said...

That is a great story, with a happy ending!

Your Learning Girl Sampler if beautiful, and you are off to a couple of great starts.

I would be afraid of winding silks on bobbins.

Jan said...

I think that police officer was right on, in honoring your honesty! Good for him. You can just treat as a 'heads-up' and not speed so much. I used to speed quite a bit, in my younger years, but try to watch it more now. Probably cuz the age thing is affecting me! lol Anyway, Praise God you didn't get a ticket!

I just adore that sampler, it is GORGEOUS!! Congrats on the wonderful finish. Also love your Count Your Blessings, and the why of them not labeling these, is because they are truly LE's and not many of them. Guess they just don't want to take the time. I always do that when they arrive in the shop!

The silks might not be good on bobbins, due to their fragility. Wouldn't recommend doing that.

You have a great week, Cari!

Michelle said...

Yikes, I should have warned you about the threads for Jenny Bean - I had the same problem. But, I hear that for those colors that are close, they really are pretty interchangeable. I've been working on the house so I haven't gotten to any of those greens yet. Love your finish - it is so pretty and colorful! And I'm so excited you started the A&E - I can't wait to start mine. It's next after Jenny Bean!!

Siobhan said...

Oh my GOSH!! You are just a-zoomin' along on all your stitching. YGG! I love love love your Learning Sampler--it is gorgeous. I want to run my hands along the stitches, they just look so scrumptious. LOL I can't believe how far you are on the A&E--wow! YGG again! I am excited to start mine. Love your Count Your Blessings, too!

Good for you with the cop!! Score one for the good guys. ;)

Kim said...

Oooh Cari the sampler looks gorgeous! And OMGosh! Too funny on the speeding incident!! You crack me up! LOL

Love to Stitch said...

Gorgeous Learning Sampler! The fancy stitches in this are incredible!!! Nice you didnt get a ticket. On the rare occasion that I have gotten pulled over, my heart starts to race, and I just think about how much is it going to cost me-- in the stash department! LOL!! Great to see honesty is still the best policy!